Snowy plover with eggs.

Snowy plover with eggs.

"Rocket box" bat house.

“Rocket box” bat house.

Along with salmonid habitat restoration, the Coquille Watershed Association also implements other wildlife habitat enhancement projects. These projects are designed to improve, create, and maintain a diversity of habitat elements for native wildlife in the Coquille watershed. Several of these projects involve the creation or enhancement of off-channel ponds and wetland areas. Project tasks may include livestock exclusion, increasing depth and depth variation of the waterbody, log placement, seeding and tree planting. These areas can then naturally provide many of the plant and insect food sources, as well as cover from predators, important for amphibians, birds, and juvenile fish.

Other wildlife enhancement projects include installation of bat and bird houses, and enhancement of Snowy Plover dunes nesting areas.

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