Our work includes facilitating communication between landowners, citizens, civic organizations, private foundations and governmental agencies to enhance and restore aquatic and wildlife resources in the Coquille watershed. The CWA is supported by a diverse volunteer Executive Council of 29 members representing landowners, agencies, business owners, community members and natural resource groups. The Executive Council selects the Board of Operating Officers, which oversees the running of the Association. The CWA is also advised by a 6-member Technical Advisory Committee, which is comprised of biologists, engineers and educators that vet and approve each project the CWA wishes to undertake.

The CWA works closely with schools on student education, supporting efforts at native species propagation, watershed health, career opportunities and outreach events. We host and partner on events such as the Kid’s Fish Derby, Earth Day, Public Lands Day, community planting and weed removal days, the Natural Resource Tent at the Coos County Fair and volunteer clean-up days.

The CWA works in every facet of watershed health; fish and wildlife habitats, water quality, forest health, invasive species, riparian restoration and wetland enhancement, in addition to many other diverse areas. The primary goals of our habitat improvement projects are:
1) To increase pool depth and complexity
2) To trap fines and sediment
3) To provide juvenile cover
4) To enhance nutrient cycling
5) To improve and create off–channel habitat
6) To improve floodplain connection
7) To increase large woody debris volume

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