North Fork Coquille River, Weed Control and  Restoration Project 

Knotweed spp. is a highly invasive species, that competitively excludes other native species and eliminates shading of the riparian corridor. Click Here to see our brochure on knotweed in the Coquille watershed. 

During the summer of 2015 Coquille Watershed Association staff surveyed roughly 42 miles of streambank for knotweed presence and size of infestation. Specifically, 8 miles were surveyed on Middle Creek, 34 miles on the mainstem North Fork Coquille River from the mouth of Moon Creek to the confluence of the North Fork and mainstem Coquille River. In 2017 we completed a comprehensive management plan and in 2018 we surveyed and mapped Middle Creek drainage, conducted extensive outreach to the Middle Creek community and began the initial control efforts focusing on Middle Creek drainage, North Fork. Subsequently, we have worked in partnership with landowners to implement knotweed control measures for several years, we are beginning to transition to restoring riparian areas once infested with knotweed with native riparian vegetation. 

Partners: BLM-Coos Bay District, Oregon State Weed Board, Coos County Noxious Weed Control District Weed Advisory Board, Coos SWCD and private landowners.