The Coquille Watershed Association staff and Board of Operating Officers

Coordinator Melaney Dunne – Before joining the Coquille Watershed Association, Melaney has worked on a variety of watershed restoration projects ranging from lakes in Minnesota to streams in Washington. She has also served as an outdoor educator, leading groups on canoeing and kayaking trips in Florida and the Great Lakes region. Originally from Chicago, Melaney studied Biology and Environmental Studies at Loyola University Chicago. Melaney also holds an MS in Conservation Biology with a focus on Aquatic Biology. She studied lake restoration and aquatic plant management at the University of Minnesota. In her spare time you will likely find Melaney hanging out with her pets Duke and Malu, running, camping, or paddleboarding. 







  Office Manager – Gloria Titus












2017 Coquille Watershed Association Board of Operating Officers
Julie Huff (Middle Fork/Education & Outreach) President
Ernie Newton (City of Myrtle Point/Community Relations) Past-President
Pat Quinn (Camas Valley-Middle Fork/Natural Resource Management) Vice-President
Tom Hoesly (Forestry & Business Relations) Treasurer
Tom Jefferson (Resource Conservation) Officer-At-Large
Helena Linnell (Coquille Indian Tribe/Historical Preservation) Secretary