Basin Assessments are an important aspect in improving the health of creeks and fish habitat by providing a greater understanding of the current conditions within the basin.  The assessments are comprised of two main components; stream and road surveys.  Stream surveys establish the existing habitat quantity and quality in addition to identifying fish barriers.  Road surveys help identify the sources of sediment input into the basin currently and also detect road components that are failing to prevent mass loading of sediment in the future. 

A successful basin assessment would result in a list of projects that would have the greatest impact on stream health for salmon habitat within the surveyed basin.  This allows for prioritizing projects based on the greatest impact not on ease of installation, more bang for your buck.  Examples of projects resulting from the basin assessments are in-stream wood placement, riparian plantings, fish passage (culvert replacement), sediment abatement through water bars and cross drains, etc.

Completed Assessments, contact for complete copies of the assessment reports:

Sandy Creek (Middle Fk) 

Dement Creek (South Fk): Dement Creek Assessment Report

Twelvemile Creek (Middle Fk): Twelvemile Creek Basin Assessment Report